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8 check-ins using file System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteDataReader.cs version 5d5d10bac2

Add tests for the SetDefaults connection string property. Also, update Eagle script library in externals. check-in: 54f86a8d40 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Change the default value for the Synchronous connection string property to Full to match the default used by the SQLite core library itself. Add the ability to skip applying default connection settings to opened databases via the new SetDefaults connection string property. Add the FullUri connection string property to the SQLiteConnectionStringBuilder class. Refactor and enhance all the connection string property handling code in the SQLiteConnection.Open method. Consistently use the three argument overload of the String.Format method (i.e. the one that takes a CultureInfo). check-in: 9dfa1577a6 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Modify the diagnostic traces emitted by the SQLite3.Prepare method to include the return code. Also, enable per-user/configuration customized build settings to be loaded via the build batch tool. check-in: 17cb0ecf65 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Update estimated release date for release check-in: 8d28be3ff8 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Update SQLite core to the latest trunk code. Also, update Eagle script library in externals to the latest. check-in: 778ceac87b user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Add define constants to support enabling or disabling individual groups of trace statements. Remove superfluous cast from the call to the sqlite3_config_none P/Invoke method. Make sure to remove any stale database from previous stress test runs. Stop leaking callbacks from the stress test. check-in: 1164a207ef user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Small changes to the unit testing infrastructure integration to allow the common and vendor directories to be overridden. check-in: 51000d0070 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Add support for internal state checking at key points in the public classes that use a connection. Also, adjust the number of iterations for the stress test. check-in: 007a7bb78f user: mistachkin tags: trunk