Community Support Policies

Effective May 1, 2017

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Release Packages

Mailing Lists

SQLite has an active mailing list and support community and users of the System.Data.SQLite project available on this web site are encouraged to use these for support questions.

Three separate mailing lists have been established to help support SQLite and System.Data.SQLite:

Most users of SQLite and/or System.Data.SQLite will want to join the sqlite-announce list and many will want to join the sqlite-users list. The sqlite-dev list is more specialized and appeals to a narrower audience. Off-site archives of the sqlite-users list are available at:

Direct E-Mail

Use the mailing list. Please do not send email directly to the authors of SQLite or System.Data.SQLite unless:

You are welcomed to use SQLite and System.Data.SQLite in closed source, proprietary, and/or commercial projects and to ask questions about such use on the public mailing list. But please do not ask to receive free direct technical support. The software is free; direct technical support is not.