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Comment:Fix minor doc typo.
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User & Date: mistachkin 2014-03-20 02:42:53
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Fix minor doc typo. check-in: bee9eaf183 user: mistachkin tags: preRelease
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Changes to Doc/Extra/Provider/designer.html.

    50     50           keep you busy.  You can create databases, design and execute queries, 
    51     51           create typed datasets and lots more all from Visual Studio.</p>
    52     52         <h3> Installation Instructions</h3>
    53     53         <p>Download and run one of the setup packages and then select the &quot;<b>Install
    54     54           the designer components for Visual Studio 20XX.</b>&quot; option when prompted.</p>
    55     55         <h3> Express Edition Limitations</h3>
    56     56         <p>Visual Studio design-time Support, works with all versions of Visual Studio
    57         -        2005/2008/2010/2012.  You can add a SQLite database to the Servers list, design
           57  +        2005/2008/2010/2012/2013.  You can add a SQLite database to the Servers list, design
    58     58           queries with the Query Designer, drag-and-drop tables onto a Typed DataSet, etc.
    59     59           <br />
    60     60           <font color="red">
    61     61             Due to Visual Studio licensing restrictions, the Express Editions can no
    62     62             longer be supported.
    63     63           </font>
    64     64         </p>

Changes to Doc/Extra/Provider/welcome.html.

    90     90           <li>Full Entity Framework support (ADO.NET 3.5 SP1)</li>
    91     91           <li>
    92     92           On the Compact Framework, it is faster than Sql Server Mobile.
    93     93             SQLite's installed size is a fraction of Sql Mobile's. It uses less memory at runtime,
    94     94             runs queries faster, and has a smaller database file size as well. </li>
    95     95           <li>Encrypted database support.&nbsp; Encrypted databases are fully encrypted and
    96     96             support both binary and cleartext password types. </li>
    97         -        <li>Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012 Design-Time Support.&nbsp; You can add a SQLite
           97  +        <li>Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013 Design-Time Support.&nbsp; You can add a SQLite
    98     98           database to the Servers list, design queries with the Query Designer,
    99     99           drag-and-drop tables onto a Typed DataSet, etc.</li>
   100    100               <li>Full SQLite schema editing inside Visual Studio.&nbsp; You can create/edit
   101    101                 tables, views, triggers, indexes, check constraints and foreign keys. </li>
   102    102           <li>
   103    103           Available as a single file redistributable (except Compact Framework).&nbsp; The core sqlite3 codebase and the ADO.NET wrapper
   104    104           are combined into one multi-module assembly. </li>

Changes to Doc/SQLite.NET.chm.

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