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Comment:Update version history docs.
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SHA1: a3e8805c4f9ac90ef78913cddf1d8f465d534963
User & Date: mistachkin 2016-11-09 01:00:04
Remove profile name from the target framework value used for the native library pre-loader replacement tokens. check-in: f93212ed05 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Merge updates from trunk. check-in: 821dfae43b user: mistachkin tags: tkt-1f7bfff467
Update version history docs. check-in: a3e8805c4f user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Update the JSON1 extension from upstream to pick up the backslash escaping fixes. check-in: c093ed3d1e user: mistachkin tags: trunk
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Changes to Doc/Extra/Provider/version.html.

    42     42       </div>
    43     43       <div id="mainSection">
    44     44       <div id="mainBody">
    45     45       <h1 class="heading">Version History</h1>
    46     46       <p><b> - December XX, 2016</b></p>
    47     47       <ul>
    48     48         <li>Updated to <a href="">SQLite 3.15.1</a>.</li>
           49  +      <li>Updated the <a href="">JSON1</a> extension to check-in <a href="">[b540984915]</a>.</li>
    49     50         <li>Add the &quot;%PreLoadSQLite_AssemblyDirectory%&quot;, &quot;%PreLoadSQLite_TargetFramework%&quot;, and &quot;%PreLoadSQLite_XmlConfigDirectory%&quot; <a href="">replacement tokens</a> for use in configuration setting values. Pursuant to <a href="">[d4728aecb7]</a>.</li>
    50     51         <li>Prevent the GetByte, GetChar, and GetInt16 methods of the SQLiteDataReader class from throwing exceptions for large integer values. Pursuant to <a href="">[5535448538]</a>.&nbsp;<b>** Potentially Incompatible Change **</b></li>
    51     52       </ul>
    52     53       <p><b> - September 15, 2016</b></p>
    53     54       <ul>
    54     55         <li>Updated to <a href="">SQLite 3.14.2</a>.</li>
    55     56         <li>Add preliminary support for the .NET Framework 4.6.2.</li>