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Title: Password-protected databases no longer work with 1.113, no rollback possible
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Last Modified: 2020-06-03 15:34:42
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anonymous added on 2020-06-02 19:18:38:

Did a Nuget update of my project to 1.0.0113.1, not realizing that encryption support has apparently been dropped (making calls to connectionstring.changepassword fail, as do all calls involving a password-protected database). Bad as this is, there is also no roll-back to prior versions available on I'll have to revert my project under source control. Is support for ChangePassword coming back?

mistachkin added on 2020-06-03 15:34:42:
Since your application uses the legacy CryptoAPI codec, it should continue
to use the NuGet packages.

These packages can be obtained using the "NuGet Package Restore" feature.
The exact steps needed to do this using the command line NuGet client are:

1. Manually edit your C# project file(s), e.g. "YourApp.csproj",
   replacing all instances of System.Data.SQLite "1.0.113.*" version
   numbers with "". 

2. Manually edit your NuGet "packages.config" file(s), replacing all
   instances of System.Data.SQLite "1.0.113.*" version numbers with

3. From a Command Prompt Window, execute the following NuGet client

   NuGet.exe restore "YourApp.sln"