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6 check-ins related to "logBind"

Merge fix for ticket [8a426d12eb] along with logging and DateTime handling enhancements to trunk. check-in: c3bb6c2582 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
When converting a DateTime instance of an 'Unspecified' kind to a string, use the same kind as the connection, if available. Also, cleanup handling of the default formats for UTC and local time. Closed-Leaf check-in: dbdf2561a4 user: mistachkin tags: logBind
Refactor previous commit to remove the new delegates as they are not strictly required. Also, remove superfluous newData local variable in the StepCallback method. check-in: c43fca0ae6 user: mistachkin tags: logBind
Make sure that exceptions are never thrown back to native code from user-provided function and collation implementations. Also, log all such caught callback exceptions if the appropriate connection flag is set. Fix for ticket [8a426d12eb]. Pass connection flags into SQLiteFunction binding method and refactor internal interfaces to support this. Change type of _contextDataList (SQLiteFunction) dictionary keys from long to IntPtr. check-in: 6136a92dc5 user: mistachkin tags: logBind
Add the ability to log all parameter binding activity and refactor the necessary internal interfaces to support this. In the implicit conversion operators to IntPtr for both the SQLiteConnectionHandle and SQLiteStatementHandle classes, return IntPtr.Zero if the object being converted is null. Make sure the SQLiteLog class is not referenced when building for Windows CE. check-in: 20e1e255b6 user: mistachkin tags: logBind
Version and doc updates in preparation for release check-in: 50276145d8 user: mistachkin tags: trunk