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Parents and children of check-in [c43fca0ae6]

When converting a DateTime instance of an 'Unspecified' kind to a string, use the same kind as the connection, if available. Also, cleanup handling of the default formats for UTC and local time. Closed-Leaf check-in: dbdf2561a4 user: mistachkin tags: logBind
Refactor previous commit to remove the new delegates as they are not strictly required. Also, remove superfluous newData local variable in the StepCallback method. check-in: c43fca0ae6 user: mistachkin tags: logBind
Make sure that exceptions are never thrown back to native code from user-provided function and collation implementations. Also, log all such caught callback exceptions if the appropriate connection flag is set. Fix for ticket [8a426d12eb]. Pass connection flags into SQLiteFunction binding method and refactor internal interfaces to support this. Change type of _contextDataList (SQLiteFunction) dictionary keys from long to IntPtr. check-in: 6136a92dc5 user: mistachkin tags: logBind