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Interop files missing during Post-build event (SDK style csproj)
User & Date: anonymous 2019-08-14 12:54:55

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    The interop files SQLite.Interop.dll in the x86/x64 subfolders not present during Visual Studio's post-build event in VS 2019. They are placed there (by the build target in System.Data.SQLite.Core.targets?) after the post-build event is finished.

    A similar problem was reported and resolved in ticket

    The file System.Data.SQLite.Core.targets contains a list of Visual Studio versions (line 131 ff) where VS 2019 ("16.0") is missing, but I don't know whether this is related.

    Build environment -----------------

    * Win 10 German * Visual Studio 2019 (16.2.2) * .Net 4.7.2

    Example to reproduce --------------------

    SQLitePostBuild.csproj (contains post-build event that checks for the interop file in debug subfolder, build forced to fail if not found): ### <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">

    <PropertyGroup> <OutputType>Exe</OutputType> <TargetFramework>net472</TargetFramework> </PropertyGroup>
    <ItemGroup> <PackageReference Include="System.Data.SQLite" Version="1.0.111" /> </ItemGroup>
    <Target Name="PostBuild" AfterTargets="PostBuildEvent"> <Exec Command="REM Checks whether the interop file exists during Post-build event.&#xD;&#xA;REM Other files in the output folder (ex. SQLitePostBuild.exe) would be found.&#xD;&#xA;IF EXIST "bin\Debug\net472\x86\SQLite.Interop.dll" (&#xD;&#xA; exit 0&#xD;&#xA;) ELSE (&#xD;&#xA; exit 1&#xD;&#xA;)" /> </Target>
    </Project> ###

    Program.cs (just a minimal hello world):

    ### namespace SQLitePostBuild { class Program { static void Main() => System.Console.WriteLine("Hello SQLite!"); } } ###

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    Interop files missing during Post-build event (VS2019)

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