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SQLite.Interop.dll is being removed after rebuild->build
User & Date: anonymous 2018-11-30 06:03:04

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    I have 2 projects: X.SQL which uses SQLite, and Y - a console app, which uses X.SQL. When I build Y, interop files are copied to Y\bin\debug\x86 and Y\bin\debug\x64 folders, as expected. If I build again, interop files are removed, which should not happen. Please notice that they are not removed from X.SQL\bin\debug\x86(x64)

    Steps to reproduce: 1. Create project X.SQL, install from Nuget 2. Create Y, add reference X.SQL 3. Build/Rebuild 4. Build/Run. interop files vanishes from Y Any solution?

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    SQLite.Interop.dll is being removed after rebuild->build

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