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Support for windowing functions in Sqlite EF6
User & Date: anonymous 2019-04-02 11:52:03

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    Sqlite 3.25 introduced windowing functions, however they are not usable via EF6 with Sqlite.

    using EF6 with Sqlite you cannot use Skip() at all and cannot use GroupBy() in a way that would require windowing functions, as they result in a NotSupportedException.

    For example,

    Table.OrderBy(t => t.colname).Skip(50)
    could be translated to
    select *
    from (select t.*,
                 row_number() over (order by t.colname) as rownum
          from table t)
    where rownum > 50

    Complex groupings can be solved with window functions as well, for example
    Table.GroupBy(t => t.col1).Select(g => g.OrderBy(t => t.col2).First())
    can be translated to
    select t.*
    from table t
    join ( select *,
                  row_number() over (partition by col1 order by col2) rownum
           from table ) x on =
    where x.rownum = 1

    when using EF6 with sql server these types of linq funtions would produce queries that use windowing functions (mostly row_number). It would be great if Sqlite could do this too, at least for the row_number window. Perhaps you could model it off the sql server EF6 provider, if that is at all possible, since it seems to be able to handle extremely complex linq queries very well.
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