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Artifact ID: c443a2251f7a42557aa0000e5460d02e5768cc57
Ticket: 988e2d6107c786b9160a7fc0dcd4ecc6167bee50
EF6 implementation does not work as expected
User & Date: anonymous 2019-01-11 21:32:39

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    Calling Find on a DBSet does not return results w/o calling ToList() first.

    Example: using (var connection = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=:memory:")) { connection.Open(); var id = Guid.NewGuid();

    using (var context = new TestDBSQLiteContext(connection)) { var customer = new Customer {Id = id, SisNumber = "1234567"}; context.Customers.Add(customer);
    context.SaveChanges(); }
    using (var context = new TestDBSQLiteContext(connection)) { // this should write the sis number (but does not) Console.WriteLine(context.Customers.Find(id)?.SisNumber ?? "<NULL>"); }
    using (var context = new TestDBSQLiteContext(connection)) { var dummy = context.Customers.ToList(); // here it gets written Console.WriteLine(context.Customers.Find(id)?.SisNumber ?? "<NULL>"); } }

    I can provide a complete test program, if required.

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