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Interop dll files (x86/x64 folders) are not copied after build
User & Date: anonymous 2018-10-11 08:57:23

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    I also report this issu to the Visual Studio's Developer Community, but didn't recieved a response yet.

    The relative path to the "System.Data.SQLite.Core.targets" is set automatically in the csproj when adding your nuget to the project. I didn't changed anything.

    I also tried to build without "parallel build" it didn't change anything.

    Did you reproduce the bug with the minimal project I sent you?

    Here is the "step by step" bug I sent to VS2017 :

    - Create a new solution (Windows Forms .Net 4.6.2) - Add System.Data.SQLite version 1.0.108 or higher (it didn't work with 1.0.109 neither) - Build project : the x86/x64 folders are in bin/debug (it works in this case) - Close Visual Studio - Remove packages/bin/obj folders - Open solution / Restore nuget / Build : The x86/x64 folders are missing.

    The behavior after a clean in Visual Studio is not always the same, sometimes after cleaning the solution and building again make them appear, sometimes not.

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