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Ticket: 55fa0d5468164b23a5ff122ff1da69f78e6b0ef2
System.Data.Sqlite - Entrypted Database query execution is 10 times slower versions starting from
User & Date: anonymous 2019-09-12 07:05:35

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    We did not change the page size, instead we only set a higher values to the Cache size in the connection string as shown below:

    @"data source=C:\data\testenc.sqlite;Read Only=False;FailIfMissing=True;cache_size=-100000"

    And this fixed the issue. The queries run without any slowdown in the encrypted db.

    However, we still dont have the actual reason why the issue occured in the encrypted database only. Also, will there be any sideeffets with the fix we made?

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