This project makes use of Eagle, provided by Mistachkin Systems.
Eagle: Secure Software Automation

The "lock-timeout" setting:

This is the number of seconds that a check-in lock will be held on the server before the lock expires. The default is a 60-second delay. Set this value to zero to disable the check-in lock mechanism.

This value should be set on the server to which users auto-sync their work. This setting has no effect on client repositories. The check-in lock mechanism is only effective if all users are auto-syncing to the same server.

Check-in locks are an advisory mechanism designed to help prevent accidental forks due to a check-in race in installations where many users are committing to the same branch and auto-sync is enabled. As forks are harmless, there is no danger in disabling this mechanism. However, keeping check-in locks turned on can help prevent unnecessary confusion.