This project makes use of Eagle, provided by Mistachkin Systems.
Eagle: Secure Software Automation

The "help" command:

Usage: fossil help [OPTIONS] [TOPIC]

Display information on how to use TOPIC, which may be a command, webpage, or setting. Webpage names begin with "/". If TOPIC is omitted, a list of topics is returned.

The following options can be used when TOPIC is omitted:

List both common and auxiliary commands
List command-line options common to all commands
List setting names
List unsupported "test" commands
List both names and help text
List only auxiliary commands
List all web pages
List full set of commands (including auxiliary and unsupported "test" commands), options, settings, and web pages
List all help on all topics

These options can be used when TOPIC is present:

Format output as HTML rather than plain text
Restrict TOPIC search to commands