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SHA1: 45b48f33af249d6918e3a5b5ad8f1d061c389533
User & Date: mistachkin 2012-09-11 08:15:52
Fix comments in the SQLiteException class, including an out-of-order summary end-tag. Make sure the error code of the SQLiteException class gets serialized. Make the test project for the .NET Compact Framework more flexible. check-in: 94c5213e35 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Bump all versions to check-in: 45b48f33af user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Refactor core SQLite library return code handling to make use of the enumerated SQLiteErrorCode type. Initial work on supporting the sqlite3_errstr() API. check-in: a6c16dc93b user: mistachkin tags: trunk
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Changes to Doc/Extra/dbfactorysupport.html.

Changes to Doc/Extra/welcome.html.

Changes to Membership/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to SQLite.Designer/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to SQLite.Designer/source.extension.vsixmanifest.

Changes to SQLite.Interop/props/SQLite.Interop.2005.vsprops.

Changes to SQLite.Interop/props/SQLite.Interop.2008.vsprops.

Changes to SQLite.Interop/props/SQLite.Interop.2010.props.

Changes to SQLite.Interop/src/win/interop.h.

Changes to SQLite.MSIL.nuspec.

Changes to SQLite.nuspec.

Changes to SQLite.x64.nuspec.

Changes to SQLite.x86.nuspec.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite.Linq/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLite3.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/UnsafeNativeMethods.cs.

Changes to Tests/version.eagle.

Changes to readme.htm.

Changes to test/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to test/app.config.

Changes to testce/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to testlinq/2008/App.config.

Changes to testlinq/2010/App.config.

Changes to testlinq/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to tools/install/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs.