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<title>SQLite Query Language: CREATE VIEW</title>
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<h1 align="center">SQL As Understood By SQLite</h1><p><a href="lang.html">[Top]</a></p><h2>CREATE VIEW</h2><p><b><a href="syntax/create-view-stmt.html">create-view-stmt:</a></b>
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 <blockquote id='x978'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram create-view-stmt" src="images/syntax/create-view-stmt.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/select-stmt.html">select-stmt:</a></b>
<button id='x979' onclick='hideorshow("x979","x980")'>show</button></p>
 <blockquote id='x980' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram select-stmt" src="images/syntax/select-stmt.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/common-table-expression.html">common-table-expression:</a></b>
<button id='x981' onclick='hideorshow("x981","x982")'>show</button></p>
 <blockquote id='x982' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram common-table-expression" src="images/syntax/common-table-expression.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/compound-operator.html">compound-operator:</a></b>
<button id='x983' onclick='hideorshow("x983","x984")'>show</button></p>
 <blockquote id='x984' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram compound-operator" src="images/syntax/compound-operator.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/expr.html">expr:</a></b>
<button id='x985' onclick='hideorshow("x985","x986")'>show</button></p>
 <blockquote id='x986' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram expr" src="images/syntax/expr.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/literal-value.html">literal-value:</a></b>
<button id='x987' onclick='hideorshow("x987","x988")'>show</button></p>
 <blockquote id='x988' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram literal-value" src="images/syntax/literal-value.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/raise-function.html">raise-function:</a></b>
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 <blockquote id='x990' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram raise-function" src="images/syntax/raise-function.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/type-name.html">type-name:</a></b>
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 <blockquote id='x992' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram type-name" src="images/syntax/type-name.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/signed-number.html">signed-number:</a></b>
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 <blockquote id='x994' style='display:none;'>
 <img alt="syntax diagram signed-number" src="images/syntax/signed-number.gif" />
<p><b><a href="syntax/join-clause.html">join-clause:</a></b>
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 <blockquote id='x996' style='display:none;'>
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<p><b><a href="syntax/ordering-term.html">ordering-term:</a></b>
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<p><b><a href="syntax/result-column.html">result-column:</a></b>
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<p><b><a href="syntax/table-or-subquery.html">table-or-subquery:</a></b>
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 <img alt="syntax diagram table-or-subquery" src="images/syntax/table-or-subquery.gif" />

<p>The CREATE VIEW command assigns a name to a pre-packaged 
<a href="lang_select.html">SELECT</a> statement. 
Once the view is created, it can be used in the FROM clause
of another <a href="lang_select.html">SELECT</a> in place of a table name.

<p>If the "TEMP" or "TEMPORARY" keyword occurs in between "CREATE"
and "VIEW" then the view that is created is only visible to the
<a href="c3ref/sqlite3.html">database connection</a> that created it and is automatically deleted when
the database connection is closed.</p>

<p> If a <span class='yyterm'>schema-name</span> is specified, then the view 
is created in the specified database.
It is an error to specify both a <span class='yyterm'>schema-name</span>
and the TEMP keyword on a VIEW, unless the <span class='yyterm'>schema-name</span> 
is "temp".
If no schema name is specified, and the TEMP keyword is not present,
the VIEW is created in the main database.</p>

<p>You cannot <a href="lang_delete.html">DELETE</a>, <a href="lang_insert.html">INSERT</a>, or <a href="lang_update.html">UPDATE</a> a view.  Views are read-only 
in SQLite.  However, in many cases you can use an
<a href="lang_createtrigger.html#instead_of_trigger">INSTEAD OF trigger</a> on the view to accomplish 
the same thing.  Views are removed 
with the <a href="lang_dropview.html">DROP VIEW</a> command.</p>

<p>If a <span class='yyterm'>column-name</span> list follows 
the <span class='yyterm'>view-name</span>, then that list determines
the names of the columns for the view.  If the <span class='yyterm'>column-name</span>
list is omitted, then the names of the columns in the view are derived
from the names of the result-set columns in the <a href="syntax/select-stmt.html">select-stmt</a>.
Note that the <span class='yyterm'>column-name</span> list syntax is only
supported in SQLite versions 3.9.0 and later.