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This is equivalent to a diff from c43018f34e to 14ae015f43

Refactor and simplify NuGet packages in order to support per-solution SQLite interop assembly files. Thanks to David Archer for his suggestions, feedback, and contributions. check-in: bd4e9309ea user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Further simplify and robustify the MSBuild targets file for the NuGet packages. Closed-Leaf check-in: 14ae015f43 user: mistachkin tags: nugetChanges
Fix typo in the NuGet MSBuild targets file. check-in: 3a9676e997 user: mistachkin tags: nugetChanges
Fix for previous check-in: missed one place where the default provider should be EF6 enabled. check-in: 8d98582107 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Merge updates from trunk. check-in: 0622da663d user: mistachkin tags: nugetChanges
More work on getting the design-time components to detect and use the EF6 enabled provider. Cherrypick of [30c1589da7] (check-in on wrong branch). check-in: c43018f34e user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Update imported SQLite core library documentation. check-in: 8e13c43294 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
More work on getting the design-time components to detect and use the EF6 enabled provider. check-in: 30c1589da7 user: mistachkin tags: nugetChanges

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.Core.Beta.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.Core.Test.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.Core.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.EF6.Beta.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.EF6.Test.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.EF6.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.Linq.Beta.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.Linq.Test.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.Linq.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.MSIL.Beta.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.MSIL.Test.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.MSIL.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.x64.nuspec.

Changes to NuGet/SQLite.x86.nuspec.

Deleted NuGet/net20/Core/config.transform.

Deleted NuGet/net20/Core/install.ps1.

Deleted NuGet/net40/Core/config.transform.

Deleted NuGet/net40/Core/install.ps1.

Deleted NuGet/net40/EF6/config.transform.

Added NuGet/net40/EF6/content/config.transform.

Deleted NuGet/net40/EF6/provider.ps1.

Added NuGet/net40/EF6/tools/provider.ps1.

Added NuGet/shared/Core/build/System.Data.SQLite.Core.targets.

Added NuGet/shared/Core/content/config.transform.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2005.MSBuild.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2005.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2008.MSBuild.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2008.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2010.MSBuild.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2010.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2012.MSBuild.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2012.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2013.MSBuild.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.2013.sln.

Changes to Setup/data/verify.lst.