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Ticket UUID: e073a5bc7cf65d23d9faab95e38f1a9fc1ee9213
Title: Add possibility to distinguish exceptions
Status: Open Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Cosmetic Priority: Medium
Subsystem: None Resolution: Not_Backwards_Compatible
Last Modified: 2013-07-19 22:16:43
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anonymous added on 2013-01-22 15:51:56:
There is no way to distinguish exception (constraint failed or others) through error code or something else. I have to check and parse returned messages to determine type of exception. E.g. I have some method that translates from a returned exception to my exception:

private Exception TranslateException(Exception e)
			SQLiteException sqliteEx = e as SQLiteException;

			if (sqliteEx != null)
				switch (sqliteEx.ReturnCode)
					case SQLiteErrorCode.Constraint:
						if (sqliteEx.Message.EndsWith("may not be NULL"))
							return ErrorsProvider.GetException(ErrorType.NullNotAllowed, sqliteEx);
						if (sqliteEx.Message.EndsWith("foreign key constraint failed"))
							return ErrorsProvider.GetException(ErrorType.ForeignKeyViolation, sqliteEx);
						return ErrorsProvider.GetException(ErrorType.UniqueKeyDuplicate, sqliteEx);
					case SQLiteErrorCode.NotFound:
						return ErrorsProvider.GetException(ErrorType.ForeignKeyViolation, sqliteEx);
					case SQLiteErrorCode.Locked:
						return ErrorsProvider.GetException(ErrorType.Deadlock, sqliteEx);
			return null;

It'd be nice to have a better ways than parse returned messages. Please provide ability to distinguish by error codes. Thanks.

anonymous added on 2013-01-23 18:22:36:
I would like this option too. Now I am parsing the text of the message and I don't like so much this solution.