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Ticket UUID: c8184c74fed6967a55a6b113d628ffb76bcbaec3
Title: FileLoadException thrown
Status: Closed Type: Incident
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
Subsystem: Integration_Via_PInvoke Resolution: Unable_To_Reproduce
Last Modified: 2016-01-14 17:39:16
Version Found In: 3
User Comments:
anonymous added on 2015-12-22 13:27:39:
Hi, I have a piece of software that has been developed, however the program crashes on certain computers once the database connection starts. through research i have discovered it may be to do with 32 and 64 bit, looking through logs this appears "System.IO.FileLoadException"  i have the system.Data.SQLite.DLL within the setup. This is very important! 

Thanks Sam

mistachkin added on 2015-12-23 21:20:55:
Some more information may be useful here to help pinpoint the issue:

1. What operating system and Visual Studio version are you using?

2. How did you obtain / install System.Data.SQLite?

3. Which file caused the exception to be thrown?

4. Have you read the FAQ?  See:

   Question #11: [/doc/trunk/www/]
   Question #12: [/doc/trunk/www/]