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Ticket UUID: bc96ab12d528319d62f7ade2a62d496bd7d910d1
Title: Would like to be notified SQLLite ADO 3.5 .net provider installer for VS 2008 becomes available
Status: Closed Type: Build_Problem
Severity: Important Priority: Zero
Subsystem: VsDesigner Resolution: Not_A_Bug
Last Modified: 2011-11-29 04:16:02
Version Found In: 1.0.77
I fix for a problem we have been having was identified in this release and we are very much looking forward to the release of the installer.

Could I please subscribe to an email notification for activity on this pending release?

Thank you,

mistachkin added on 2011-11-29 04:16:02 UTC:
Responded on mailing list, closing...