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Ticket UUID: b3e47c9a8747d8660ec3eb5a9ed45f115c8a6100
Title: index was outside the bounds of the array and SQLite warning (284)
Status: Closed Type: Incident
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
Subsystem: None Resolution: Rejected
Last Modified: 2014-04-08 20:04:00
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anonymous added on 2014-04-08 19:20:17:
Hello, i obtain this error using this code and i don't know if is a problem about database setting but it block my code:

"index was outside the bounds of the array"

and also i obtain this message at every query in the debug message list:

"SQLite warning (284)"

I would ask if can i solve in somes ways or is a bug. I run under XP SP3 and i run with this option: 


this is sample code used... but an identical code in other function work well so i don't understand...

Dim ArrProdottiDaOrdinare() As Integer = {}

            Dim i As Integer = 0

 Call EstraiDatiAlVoloAutomation(SQLquery)

 If Dati.HasRows = True Then
                blnCeDaFareSoglieMinime = True
                ReDim ArrProdottiDaOrdinare(i)

                While Dati.Read() 'lettura ciclica
                    ReDim Preserve ArrProdottiDaOrdinare(i + 1)
                    ArrProdottiDaOrdinare(i) = CInt(Dati("IdProdotto"))
                    i = i + 1
                End While
                Exit Sub
            End If

            i = 0

mistachkin added on 2014-04-08 20:04:00:
The array index out of bounds error does not come from System.Data.SQLite.  The
warning message (284) means that SQLite used an automatic index (i.e. which means
that the database could probably benefit from additional indexes on the columns