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Ticket UUID: 9c41399a28a30e645adc2e984571be4f43fcda4a
Title: PRAGMA integrity_check; doesn't catch file corruption
Status: Closed Type: Code_Defect
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
Subsystem: Native_Assembly Resolution: External_Bug
Last Modified: 2017-10-16 03:05:20
Version Found In: 3.20.1
User Comments:
anonymous added on 2017-09-04 09:03:51:

I have a database where “PRAGMA integrity_check;” returns ok in sqlite3.exe and sqlite3.dll. The database can be downloaded here: Integrity check gives ok, but the following query shows there’s a file corruption SELECT * FROM t_7E_2FSystem_2FEvents_2FEventLog_2FEventRecords ORDER BY TimeStamp DESC

dan added on 2017-09-04 21:03:11:
Thanks for this.

The corruption is inside a table record, in the "size" field of a non-indexed column. Which integrity-check doesn't currently look for. It could - and we'll look into whether or not it should - but there are other, similar types of corruption that are not possible to detect. If a few characters in the middle of a text value are exchanged for example.

mistachkin added on 2017-10-16 03:05:20:
Fixed upstream.