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Ticket UUID: 7a11e6bcaf57cf202ba041545f9a96a0a79d0fac
Title: Backwards compatiblity with .net 2.0
Status: Closed Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Important Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: Build_Automation Resolution: Overcome_By_Events
Last Modified: 2014-02-07 01:14:24
Version Found In: 1.0.66
Hopefully whatever upcoming install is released will be .net 2.0 compatible. Or provide the installations in 2.0 and 4.0 flavors.

Continue to provide vs2008 designer compatibility. (Not everyone wants to upgrade.)

shane added on 2011-02-16 03:48:21 UTC:
We hope to continue providing backwards compatibility with VS2005 and VS2008.