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Ticket UUID: 788fe7b885487adbd9b50e0fc0c89ce09dee821a
Title: Working with System.Data.Sqlite on Mac OsX
Status: Deferred Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
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Last Modified: 2015-06-17 18:39:13
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anonymous added on 2015-06-17 12:47:38:
I need to work with System.Data.Sqlite on MacOsx with Mono Framework (Xamarin.Mac) with Entity Framework 6.1. Any idea how to go about the same? 

What have i tried?
I have tried to Build System.Data.Sqlite according to the Link ( for Mono to use the Same. But i am afraid it fails to give SIGSEV error and SIGABRT error randomly. Also, it fails for the Methods like "Contains()" or "IndexOf()" methods. So, I am stuck with the Same. I have a Fullfleged application running on Windows platform which is Mono Compliant but this part is Failing over for the same. Could you please help ?