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Ticket UUID: 74807fbf277a5e6cce4b6c842171fe5fbad6e4bc
Status: Closed Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Minor Priority: Low
Subsystem: Native_Assembly Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2011-07-12 15:15:41
Version Found In: 1.0.74
As far as I can tell from the options of the SQLite.Interop.2008 project, the compilation option SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2 to generate histogram data in the statistics seems not to be set. I'd consider this a useful feature and would appreciate if you could set this option.

mistachkin added on 2011-07-12 15:15:41 UTC:
Fixed by check-in [d23e494cea]. This fix will be present in the next release,