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Ticket Hash: 6d535567eeaee79a604d1a97334344e1e2e8bf99
Title: Pass Through Last SQLite Error Code
Status: Closed Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Minor Priority: Medium
Subsystem: None Resolution: Works_As_Designed
Last Modified: 2013-11-18 21:05:06
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User Comments:
anonymous added on 2013-11-17 20:53:23:
This is an excellent package provided free of charge to the world at large.
I must first apologize for requesting something that might involve extra work.

It would be appreciated if there was a way to retrieve the last error code (preferably as normal integer) generated by the SQLite DB engine. A error code of zero could be used to confirm that the last operation did not generate any problems and I sometimes to double check (short of reading back and comparing the data).

I apologize if this feature is already included and I have failed to determine how to access it.

Thank you.

mistachkin added on 2013-11-18 21:05:06:
The ResultCode and ExtendedResultCode properties of the SQLiteConnection class
should be what you are looking for.