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Ticket UUID: 4ec81964cf195f64dde994600cee147ca1cd3b82
Title: Documentation Format is not Usable
Status: Closed Type: Incident
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
Subsystem: Documentation Resolution: External_Bug
Last Modified: 2018-02-22 04:19:24
Version Found In: [3/31/14]
User Comments:
anonymous added on 2014-03-31 22:30:14:
Thanks for this code but I'm really struggling with a lack of documentation for it.

There is a short paragraph about documentation on your home page. The first link in that section is actually a link to a description of CHM files on Wikipedia. (May I suggest this link should not come first?)

The second link is a download of a CHM file. When I open it, I get a big fat nothing in the right pane as I select topics in the various tabs of the left pane on Windows 8.1.

The value in this software is unlocked only with good documentation. I think it's unfortunately that there isn't a website with this documentation. But, short of that, I guess I need a help file that I can actually use.

Thanks again.

mistachkin added on 2014-03-31 23:32:23:
This is not an issue with the System.Data.SQLite CHM file.  Please see the
following link for an explanation and a solution: