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Ticket UUID: 48a6b8e4caab103c7f1cd87bcfbc528ed9f5b883
Title: Reading PRAGMA table_info using SQLiteDataAdapter fails
Status: Closed Type: Code_Defect
Severity: Important Priority: Blocker
Subsystem: Db_Type_Conversion Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2013-05-17 10:27:40
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User Comments:
mistachkin (claiming to be anonymous) added on 2013-04-29 22:04:31:
After update from 1.0.84 to 1.0.85 the SQL-Statement
pragma table_info(<TABLENAME>) 
could not be read into a DataTable, because the DbDataReader returns "DBNull" as Column-Type for the "default-Value"-Column (Column No. 5) in the result.

mistachkin added on 2013-04-29 22:24:40:
This issue causes the SQLiteConvert.GetFieldType method to return an incorrect
value for NULL values.

mistachkin added on 2013-04-29 23:02:00:
Preliminary fix checked-in on trunk [dcc277f29a].

Is it possible for you to verify that this fixes the issue seen in your 

mistachkin added on 2013-04-29 23:18:06:
Also see ticket [49e30d7612].