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Ticket UUID: 44df10ea90b5e1331f9ccf01b62352d33ca11f7a
Title: Error 284 automatic index
Status: Closed Type: Incident
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
Subsystem: Logging Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2013-11-13 20:44:15
Version Found In: 1.0.89
User Comments:
anonymous added on 2013-11-12 12:27:45:

I recently observed the following error in my application's output:

SQLite error (284): automatic index on phase(machine_setup)

phase and machine_setup are my table names and machine_setup is not primary key of phase table. Table phase has autoincrement primary key, but table machine_setup doesn't, since its primary key is of varchar type.

Can you please tell me what exactly does error 284 mean and why application could be reporting index problems?


mistachkin added on 2013-11-13 19:58:08:
This message is actually just a warning.  The System.Data.SQLite logging
subsystem should probably be updated to handle warnings as a special case.

mistachkin added on 2013-11-13 20:44:15:
Fixed on trunk via check-in [70d2eddb52].