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Ticket UUID: 425f060dec4ea59e9732c51faf8739fe9f9c75e1
Title: Documentation update - "Limitations of ..."
Status: Closed Type: Documentation
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
Subsystem: Transaction Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2014-07-02 17:46:41
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anonymous added on 2014-07-02 07:06:24:
Section "Limitations of this ADO.NET SQLite Data Provider" should be fixed to reflect that:

"Opening a transaction is considered a write operation, so only use them when you want to write to the database! If you hold open a transaction, all readers on other connections will be blocked until the transaction is closed!"

is *not* correct when the transaction is started with IsoliationLevel.ReadCommited thus relaxing the stated limitation. Lock is acquired after the first read.

mistachkin added on 2014-07-02 17:46:41:
Fixed on trunk via check-in [45cc5a21fa].