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Ticket UUID: 222af92384b2e9ecfd1ad13857770ce4fea9c58c
Title: Failed to open database when is in network drive
Status: Closed Type: Incident
Severity: Important Priority: Medium
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Last Modified: 2015-04-03 00:58:22
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anonymous added on 2015-03-21 16:54:55:
I am using VS 2013 community and all it works fine, I can create my edmx model and all other tasks.

However, I would like to connect to a database that is in a network folder. So I am create a new connection in the server explorer, I select the provider and I browse for my sqlite database that is in a network folder. When I test the connect, I get an error that says that is not possible to open the database.

Is it possible to connect to a database that is shared in another computer? If not, Would it be possible to add this feature?

the reason is that I am the only user that will access to the database, but I would like to connect from many devices and avoid the need to sync many databases.

Thank so much.

mistachkin added on 2015-03-21 20:19:53:
It is possible to open a database on a network drive.  However, when using a UNC
path, all leading backslashes must be doubled, like this:

    string fileName = @"\\\\network\share\file.db";

    using (SQLiteConnection connection = new SQLiteConnection(
        "Data Source=" + fileName + ";"))