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Ticket UUID: 08f3d3daf2f6e8d64f35afe142a850e6b4d822f1
Title: Version of SQLite in ADO.NET adapter does not work with WAL
Status: Closed Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Important Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: Build_Automation Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2011-07-07 04:37:03
Version Found In: sqlite-dotnet-x86-1007300.exe
When I try to open a SQLite database that uses a WAL database to protect against crashes, I get "File opened that is not a database file file is encrypted or is not a database" By searching online this appears to be related to older versions of SQLite. Is there a timeline for using the latest version of SQLite for the ADO.NET connector? I am a complete SQLite newbie, and the above reason is just speculation on searching the internet. Please forgive if I am incorrect. thanks Sougato

mistachkin added on 2011-07-05 02:20:30 UTC:
This seems to be related to [448d663d11].

mistachkin added on 2011-07-05 06:23:39 UTC:
Release uses SQLite, which supports WAL.