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Ticket UUID: cbd69157b508830398522bb167d4f3db2b75d6b2
Title: Need supppor .NET Framework 2.0
Status: Closed Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Important Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: None Resolution: Not_A_Bug
Last Modified: 2011-07-08 05:14:42
Version Found In: 1.0.74
I'm surprise to see this version does not support .NET Framework 2.0.

I have to go back to 1.0.66 for .NET Framework 2.0 support.

<hr /><i>mistachkin added on 2011-07-08 05:14:42 UTC:</i><br />
The release does support the .NET Framework 2.0 with the exception of the LINQ specific functionality, which requires the .NET Framework 3.5.  The setup requires the .NET Framework 3.5 because it installs the LINQ specific functionality.

When using the .NET Framework 2.0, it is recommended that you download one of the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 binary packages (e.g. ) and then extract the contained files to somewhere inside your project directory for deployment with your application.  Of course, the LINQ specific functionality will be unavailable in this case.