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11 check-ins using file Tests/vtab.eagle version 0492d2d16b

Correct vtable related maximum memory allocation calculation. Also, always use a lock statement for better portability to the .NET Compact Framework. check-in: 33eaa98450 user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Remove unused GetNativeModule method. check-in: e550e1282e user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Rename the SQLiteModuleBase class to SQLiteModule. check-in: f0ccb3cd64 user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Move string related marshalling methods to the new SQLiteString static class. check-in: 0d7f2bfcca user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Add LogErrors and LogExceptions properties to the SQLiteModuleBase class. Allow the ISQLiteNativeModule implementation of the SQLiteModuleBase class to be overridden; however, remove it as a formal interface. check-in: deb17e28f2 user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Always attempt to log virtual table errors. check-in: b5a342952a user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Fix disposal semantics for classes derived from the SQLiteModuleBase class. Use the String.Format method consistently. Enable virtual table related native memory allocation tracking on the .NET Compact Framework. check-in: f9041807b3 user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Modularize various aspects of the virtual table handling in the example SQLiteVirtualTableCursorEnumerable class. check-in: 5033bacee1 user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Move the native memory allocation wrapper methods into the new SQLiteMemory class. check-in: c16bb56cfd user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Fix memory leak in the SQLiteModuleBase class. Add support for optionally tracking memory usage of the SQLiteMarshal class. Make sure sqlite3_*_interop() functions are only used when SQLITE_STANDARD is not defined. check-in: 4aab5f9721 user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables
Major cleanup and refactoring of the ISQLiteManagedModule interface. Fix a small memory leak in DeclareVirtualTable. Add the ability to persist SQLiteValue values beyond the duration of the method call in progress. Add SQLiteVirtualTable base class. Update SQLiteVirtualTableCursor base class to be IDisposable and to support storing the filtering parameters. Make parameter naming in the ISQLiteManagedModule interface consistent with other managed code. Add SQLiteVirtualTable parameter to the ISQLiteManagedModule interface methods where necessary. Remove incorrect SQLiteIndex object creation from the IndexToIntPtr method. Keep track of all managed table and cursor object instances associated with their native pointers. Zero out the native sqlite3_vtab object right after allocation. Correct declarations for the sqlite3_vtab and sqlite3_vtab_cursor structures. Add SQLiteModuleEnumerable and SQLiteVirtualTableCursorEnumerable classes to allow an IEnumerable to provide the data for a virtual table. check-in: d3ac8fc2c3 user: mistachkin tags: virtualTables