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Parents and children of check-in [69f6030c7f]

Allow opened connections to skip adding the extension functions included in the interop assembly. Support loading of SQLite extensions. Add more notifications that use the new static Changed event. Miscellaneous comment cleanup. Cleanup usage of compile-time options for the .NET Framework version. Fix argument checking for the batch file tools. check-in: 5759e099be user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Fire notification events before a connection is opened or closed. Enhance documentation comments to that include references. Workaround issue in NDoc3 to allow project reference links to be resolved correctly. check-in: 69f6030c7f user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Remove suppression for warning 4703 from the source code and add it to the property files. check-in: cdb73c1d3f user: mistachkin tags: trunk