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Parents and children of check-in [1808779aa2]

Plug memory leak in the sqlite3_close_interop function when a statement cannot be finalized. Have the vendor-specific initialization file for Eagle automatically set the TestPath of the interpreter. Closed-Leaf check-in: 10d400ebd0 user: mistachkin tags: tkt-e30b820248
Add SQLiteSourceId property to the SQLiteConnection class to return the SQLite core library source identifier. Enhance and revising Trace output (in DEBUG only) to be more accurate and to report resource cleanup exceptions. More work on unit testing infrastructure and the test case for ticket [e30b820248]. The SQLite3 class should always attempt to dispose the contained SQLiteConnectionHandle, even when called via the finalizer. check-in: 1808779aa2 user: mistachkin tags: tkt-e30b820248
Allow the SQLiteLog class to be used without having an open connection (i.e. and skip going through the SQLite core library to do it). check-in: 374756ec29 user: mistachkin tags: tkt-e30b820248