About SQLite.NET

This class library is an ADO.NET 2.0 wrapper around the popular (and free!) SQLite database engine. For information on SQL syntax, features of SQLite and a good understanding of how it works and what it does, I highly recommend heading over to sqlite.org and reading the documentation there.

The C# provider, the very minor C code modifications to SQLite, documentation and etc were written by Robert Simpson, and the SourceForge project page can be found here.

What's New?

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What's Coming Up?

There's a few things I'm aiming to do in the near future: 

  • More class documentation and examples.  I'll also be integrating a lot of the documentation from the official sqlite.org website into the helpfile for quick and easy access.
  • Design-time support for DDL, enabling you to create/alter tables, manage indexes and foreign keys, etc.

Using this library

The following are links to information on various aspects of the library and how to use it in your application(s)

How to install Visual Studio Design-Time Support

How to configure and enumerate SQLite.NET through the DbProviderFactories object

Getting the best performance out of SQLite

Limitations of the SQLite.NET provider and the SQLite engine (compared to other providers and engines)

SQLite.NET Provider Features

This SQLite provider implements every feature of the underlying SQLite database engine without omission. Here's a brief summary:

Distributing the Binaries

System.Data.SQLite.DLL is a mixed assembly signed with a strong name in case you want to add it to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). This is the only DLL required to be redistributed with your SQLite.NET application(s).  It comes in 4 flavors: Win32, Itanium, X64 (AMD64) and ARM (Compact Framework).  The Compact Framework library is signed with a separate strong name, but all the other versions share the same strong name so they can be interchanged where appropriate without any change to your application.