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Creating a changeset is not working
User & Date: anonymous 2018-08-07 13:31:03

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    I'm currently writing on my bachelor thesis and wanted to use the session extension in .NET to track changes made on the database. I wrote this code to generate a changeset (the documentation on this for .NET is quite poor):

    var connection = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=test.sqlite"); connection.Open(); var session = connection.CreateSession("main"); session.AttachTable("Test"); connection.ExecuteSqlCommand("INSERT INTO Test (Id, Description) VALUES (?, ?)", 0, "testbeschreibung"); //my extension method which creates a SQLiteCommand with Parameters and executes it byte[] rawChanges = new byte[0]; session.CreateChangeSet(ref rawChanges);

    The database consists only of the table "Test" with columns "Id" (int, Primary Key) and "Description" (text). The data insertion is working fine, but rawChanges does not contain anything. I also tried .CreateChangeSet() with a stream instead of a byte array, but it did not change anything. Am I missing an important step or is it just not working?

    Thanks in advance, Patrick Seiter

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