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Errors With Latest Help File
User & Date: anonymous 2020-02-02 20:18:17

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    I downloaded the latest CHM help file from the home page, unblocked it and opened it with no problem. However, when I click on the heading *Query Language Understood Be SQLite*, or any title under it, I get script error pop-ups. I can't see a way to include a screenshot here, so I'll give you this:
    : An error has occurred in the script on this page.  
    : 76  
    : 1  
    : Unable to get property 'match' of undefined or null reference  
    : 0  
    : mk:@MSITStore:G:\Downloads\SQLite.NET.chm::/Core/*whatever*.html   
    I downloaded the source and the help file is from 10/27/2019.   
    Thanks, Bob
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