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Artifact ID: 5c65785df746418266fed069b2adfc6d8121b9a1
Ticket: 15b1449bc6b06576e5e12510a7844a2cd89e8654
Old versions shouldn't be delisted on
User & Date: anonymous 2019-10-11 14:18:26

  1. foundin changed to: "1.0.110"
  2. icomment:
    Delisting old version cause issues to people as you can see on
    Also I'm using 1.0.109 to one of my project and there is a connected one where I can just download the latest 1.0.111 but I get issues due to the different versions. 
    Please don't delist the old versions.
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  8. title changed to: "Old versions shouldn't be delisted on"
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