Release Procedures
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Release Procedures

This content on this page is outdated and needs to be updated.

Follow these steps to prepare a new release of System.Data.SQLite. Unless otherwise noted, all steps need to be done in the order specified.

  1. Build Runtime Packages
      1. Build the runtime and design time components, and setup package.
      2. Copy the and rename the resulting setup.exe to sqlite-dotnet-1xxyyzz.exe
  2. Build Source Package
      1. Get a fresh checkout of the "dotnet" Fossil repository.
      2. Run fossil close to remove the _FOSSIL_ file.
      3. Remove the bin, obj, and Externals directories.
      4. Rename the subdirectory to sqlite-dotnetsrc-1xxyyzz
      5. Package this subdirectory as
      6. Move the ZIP archive to the doc/ folder of the build area.
  3. Update documentation This section needs updating.
      1. Update the readme.htm file with the latest version changes
      2. Copy the version changes from readme.htm into doc\extra\version.html
      3. Update doc\extra\dbfactorysupport.html to reflect the latest version # of the DLL
      4. Copy over doc\extra\dbfactorysupport.html and version.html to my temp ndoc2 location where all my intermediate files are for the CHM
      5. Run HTML Help Workshop on the HHP project to get my CHM
      6. Copy the CHM file over to \doc
  4. Publish the release
      1. Update the page and the page.
      2. Tag the release in Fossil.
      3. Upload the distributables.
      4. Announce the release on the mailing list.