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Date: 2012-04-05 19:49:28
User: mistachkin
Comment:Add question #20 to FAQ.
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[fd6a7e09b8] Update all versions to Add DefineConstants property to the SQLiteConnection class to return the list of define constants used when compiling the core managed assembly. Support compiling the interop assembly without support for the custom extension functions and the CryptoAPI based codec. (user: mistachkin, tags: trunk)
[d982172318] Add question #20 to FAQ. (user: mistachkin, tags: trunk)
[48466de4f9] Simplify the native library pre-loading code. Also, allow the selected processor architecture to be overridden via the environment variable 'PreLoadSQLite_ProcessorArchitecture'. (user: mistachkin, tags: trunk)
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    92     92     </li>
    93     93     <br>
    94     94     <li>
    95     95       <a href="#q19">When the solution is loaded in Visual Studio, why do no files
    96     96       show up for several of the projects in the <b>Solution Explorer</b> window?
    97     97       </a>
    98     98     </li>
           99  +  <br>
          100  +  <li>
          101  +    <a href="#q20">When the System.Data.SQLite project is compiled and run from
          102  +    inside Visual Studio, why do I get a <b>DllNotFoundException</b> or a
          103  +    <b>BadImageFormatException</b> (for &quot;sqlite3.dll&quot; or
          104  +    &quot;SQLite.Interop.dll&quot;) when trying to run or debug the application?
          105  +    </a>
          106  +  </li>
    99    107   </ol>
   100    108   
   101    109   <hr>
   102    110   <a name="q1"></a>
   103    111   <p>
   104    112     <b>(1) When will the next version of System.Data.SQLite be released?</b>
   105    113   </p>
   440    448     contains the actual references to the C# source code files.  Unfortunately,
   441    449     due to limitations on how Visual Studio reads and interprets MSBuild files at
   442    450     design-time, the C# source code files do not show up in the Solution Explorer
   443    451     window.  This limitation is largely cosmetic and does <b>not</b> impact the
   444    452     correctness of the build process itself, whether in Visual Studio or when
   445    453     using MSBuild on the command line.
   446    454   </p>
          455  +
          456  +<hr>
          457  +<a name="q20"></a>
          458  +<p>
          459  +  <b>(20) When the System.Data.SQLite project is compiled and run from inside
          460  +  Visual Studio, why do I get a DllNotFoundException or a BadImageFormatException
          461  +  (for &quot;sqlite3.dll&quot; or &quot;SQLite.Interop.dll&quot;) when trying to
          462  +  run or debug the application?</b>
          463  +</p>
          464  +
          465  +<p>
          466  +  When compiling and running a solution from within Visual Studio that uses the
          467  +  System.Data.SQLite project (including the test project), it is very important
          468  +  to select the correct build configuration and platform.  First, managed
          469  +  applications to be debugged inside Visual Studio cannot use the mixed-mode
          470  +  assembly (i.e. because it is always compiled to the platform-specific build
          471  +  output directory).  This is necessary to properly support building binaries
          472  +  for multiple platforms using the same source project files.  Therefore, only
          473  +  the &quot;DebugNativeOnly&quot; or &quot;ReleaseNativeOnly&quot; build
          474  +  configurations should be selected when running a managed application from
          475  +  inside Visual Studio that relies upon the System.Data.SQLite assembly.  These
          476  +  build configurations contain a custom post-build step that copies the required
          477  +  native assembly to the managed output directory (i.e. to enable running the
          478  +  managed binaries in-place).  However, this post-build step will only be
          479  +  performed if the selected platform matches that of the operating system (e.g.
          480  +  &quot;Win32&quot; for 32-bit Windows and &quot;x64&quot; for 64-bit Windows).
          481  +  Therefore, it is good practice to double-check the selected build platform
          482  +  against the operating system prior to attempting to run a managed project in
          483  +  the solution.
          484  +</p>