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Comment:Initial work on porting the primary managed assembly to .NET Standard 2.0 (using .NET Core 2.0).
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SHA1: b93695026101f419a4f1d53298aeaa7c369cce0d
User & Date: mistachkin 2018-04-05 04:51:59
Fix the naming of the 'year' batch files to they can more easily coexist with the 'framework' batch files. check-in: bf7fffa914 user: mistachkin tags: netStandard20
Initial work on porting the primary managed assembly to .NET Standard 2.0 (using .NET Core 2.0). check-in: b936950261 user: mistachkin tags: netStandard20
Pickup the SQLite core library 3.23.0 docs from upstream. check-in: 6bb5d25e27 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
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Changes to Setup/build.bat.

Changes to Setup/data/verify.lst.

Changes to Setup/set_2005.bat.

Changes to Setup/set_2008.bat.

Changes to Setup/set_2010.bat.

Changes to Setup/set_2012.bat.

Changes to Setup/set_2013.bat.

Changes to Setup/set_2015.bat.

Changes to Setup/set_2017.bat.

Added Setup/set_DebugNativeOnly_x86_NetStandard20.bat.

Added Setup/set_Debug_x86_NetStandard20.bat.

Added Setup/set_NetStandard20.bat.

Added Setup/set_ReleaseNativeOnly_x86_NetStandard20.bat.

Added Setup/set_Release_x86_NetStandard20.bat.

Changes to Setup/set_common.bat.

Added Setup/set_netCore20.bat.

Added Setup/set_x86_NetStandard20.bat.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/LINQ/SQLiteFactory_Linq.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteDefineConstants.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteFunction.cs.

Added System.Data.SQLite/System.Data.SQLite.NetStandard20.csproj.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/Targets/System.Data.SQLite.Properties.targets.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/Targets/System.Data.SQLite.References.targets.

Changes to Targets/SQLite.NET.Settings.targets.