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Comment:Update Eagle script library in externals to the latest pre-beta 22 and change tests as necessary.
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SHA1: 7a9545bffd98d070cf0d1dd3a4eb604d66d44bd0
User & Date: mistachkin 2012-03-16 23:04:36
Minor solution file cleanup. Add overload of the SQLiteDataReader.GetValues method that returns a NameValueCollection with docs and tests. check-in: fa8630ddb6 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Update Eagle script library in externals to the latest pre-beta 22 and change tests as necessary. check-in: 7a9545bffd user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Update several comments in the common unit test infrastructure. Slightly simplify the test for ticket [72905c9a77] and improve its comments. check-in: 916251d054 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
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Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/init.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/pkgIndex.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/pkgIndex.tcl.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/safe.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/shell.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/test.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Test1.0/constraints.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Test1.0/pkgIndex.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Test1.0/pkgIndex.tcl.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Test1.0/prologue.eagle.

Changes to Tests/all.eagle.

Changes to Tests/basic.eagle.

Changes to Tests/common.eagle.

Changes to Tests/installer.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-00f86f9739.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-0d5b1ef362.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-201128cc88.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-2c630bffa7.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-2ce0870fad.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-343d392b51.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-448d663d11.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-544dba0a2f.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-59edc1018b.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-72905c9a77.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-7e3fa93744.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-84718e79fa.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-8554170e09.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-8b7d179c3c.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-ac47dd230a.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-b4a7ddc83f.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-bb4b04d457.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-ccfa69fc32.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-e1b2e0f769.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-e30b820248.eagle.

Changes to Tests/version.eagle.