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Comment:Changes to get base portions compiling under Visual Studio 2010. Still much to be done. Need to sort out packaging, installation, wince, etc.
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SHA1: 644aeca13c05c79f15d0171901ad7a406fca7367
User & Date: shaneh 2010-12-16 17:49:13
Add some missing vs2010 project files. check-in: f008ffb1ee user: shaneh tags: vs2010
Changes to get base portions compiling under Visual Studio 2010. Still much to be done. Need to sort out packaging, installation, wince, etc. check-in: 644aeca13c user: shaneh tags: vs2010
Remove a duplicate DLL whose name differs only in case. check-in: 7f9e634bf5 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to SQLite.Designer/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to SQLite.Designer/SQLite.Designer.csproj.

Changes to SQLite.Designer/SQLite.Designer.sln.

Changes to SQLite.Designer/SQLiteDataViewSupport.cs.

Changes to SQLite.Designer/VSPackage.Designer.cs.

Changes to SQLite.Interop/SQLite.Interop.rc.

Changes to SQLite.Interop/SQLite.Interop.vcproj.

Changes to SQLite.NET.sln.

Changes to SQLite.NET.suo.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite.Linq/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite.Linq/Properties/Resources.Designer.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite.Linq/System.Data.SQLite.Linq.csproj.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/DataTypes.xml.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/LINQ/SQLiteFactory_Linq.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLite3.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteBase.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteCommand.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteConnection.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteConvert.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SQLiteDataAdapter.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SR.Designer.cs.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/SR.resx.

Changes to System.Data.SQLite/UnsafeNativeMethods.cs.

Changes to bin/System.Data.SQLite.dll.

Changes to bin/test.exe.

Changes to bin/test.exe.config.

Changes to readme.htm.

Changes to test/Properties/Resources.Designer.cs.

Changes to test/TestCases.cs.

Changes to test/app.config.

Changes to test/test.csproj.

Changes to testce/testce.csproj.

Changes to testlinq/App.Config.

Changes to testlinq/NorthwindModel.Designer.cs.

Changes to testlinq/NorthwindModel.edmx.

Changes to testlinq/northwindEF.db.

Changes to testlinq/testlinq.csproj.

Changes to testlinq/testlinq.csproj.user.

Changes to tools/install/InstallDesigner.cs.

Changes to tools/install/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs.

Changes to tools/install/Properties/Resources.Designer.cs.

Changes to tools/install/Resources/System.Data.SQLite.dll.

Changes to tools/install/install.csproj.

Changes to tools/setup/exe/setup/setup.rc.

Changes to tools/setup/sqlite_setup.sln.

Changes to tools/setup/sqlite_setup.vdproj.