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Comment:Add support for the new 'testExec' and 'compileCSharp' test constraints. Update the Eagle script library in externals to the latest trunk.
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SHA1: 17e1e7df74ef6590e4db70f6ded519c413ce0304
User & Date: mistachkin 2013-09-25 02:29:55
Fix data table name issue for the GetSchema method reported on the mailing list. check-in: e1c3a2bc9c user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Add support for the new 'testExec' and 'compileCSharp' test constraints. Update the Eagle script library in externals to the latest trunk. check-in: 17e1e7df74 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Make the new error messages in the batch build tool more consistent. check-in: aeadebd327 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
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Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/init.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Eagle1.0/test.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Test1.0/constraints.eagle.

Changes to Externals/Eagle/lib/Test1.0/prologue.eagle.

Changes to Tests/backup.eagle.

Changes to Tests/basic.eagle.

Changes to Tests/installer.eagle.

Changes to Tests/stress.eagle.

Changes to Tests/thread.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-00f86f9739.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-201128cc88.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-343d392b51.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-3aa50d8413.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-48a6b8e4ca.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-4a791e70ab.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-59edc1018b.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-6434e23a0f.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-6c6ecccc5f.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-72905c9a77.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-7e3fa93744.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-8b7d179c3c.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-996d13cd87.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-ae5267b863.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-ccfa69fc32.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-e1b2e0f769.eagle.

Changes to Tests/tkt-e30b820248.eagle.

Changes to Tests/vtab.eagle.