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<b>Version History</b>

    <b> - June XX, 2012 <font color="red">(release scheduled)</font></b>
    <li>Updated to [|SQLite].</li>
    <li>Support compiling the interop assembly without support for the custom extension functions and the CryptoAPI based codec.</li>
    <li>Add DefineConstants property to the SQLiteConnection class to return the list of define constants used when compiling the core managed assembly.</li>
    <li>Add release archive verification tool to the release automation.</li>
    <li>Fix NullReferenceException when calling the SQLiteDataAdapter.FillSchema method on a query that returns multiple result sets. Fix for [3aa50d8413].</li>
    <li>Fix subtle race condition between threads fetching connection handles from the connection pool any garbage collection (GC) threads that may be running. Fix for [996d13cd87].</li>
    <li>Add missing call to SetTimeout in the SQLite3_UTF16.Open method.</li>
    <li>Add checks to prevent the SQLiteConnectionPool.Remove method from returning any connection handles that are closed or invalid.</li>
    <li>Modify static SQLiteBase helper methods to prevent them from passing IntPtr.Zero to the SQLite native library.</li>
    <li>Remove static locks from the static helper methods in the SQLiteBase class, replacing them with a lock on the connection handle instance being operated upon.</li>
    <li>Revise CriticalHandle derived classes to make them more thread-safe.</li>
    <li>Add connection pool related diagnostic messages when compiled with the DEBUG define constant.</li>
    <li>Add PoolCount property to the SQLiteConnection class to return the number of pool entries for the file name associated with the connection.</li>
    <li>Rename internal SQLiteLastError methods to GetLastError.</li>
    <li>Add assembly file test constraints to all tests that execute the &quot;test.exe&quot; or &quot;testlinq.exe&quot; files.</li>
    <b> - April 1, 2012</b>
    <li>Updated to [|SQLite 3.7.11].</li>
    <li>In the SQLiteFunction class, when calling user-provided methods from a delegate called by native code, avoid throwing exceptions, optionally tracing the caught exceptions. Fix for [8a426d12eb].</li>
    <li>Add Visual Studio 2005 support to all the applicable solution/project files, their associated supporting files, and the test suite.</li>
    <li>Add Visual Studio 2005 support to the redesigned designer support installer.</li>
    <li>Add experimental support for &quot;pre-loading&quot; the native SQLite library based on the processor architecture of the current process.  This feature is now enabled by default at compile-time.</li>
    <li>Add support for the native [|SQLite Online Backup API]. Fix for [c71846ed57].</li>
    <li>Acquire and hold a static data lock while checking if the native SQLite library has been initialized to prevent a subtle race condition that can result in superfluous error messages. Fix for [72905c9a77].</li>
    <li>Support tracing of all parameter binding activity and use the connection flags to control what is traced.</li>
    <li>When converting a DateTime instance of an &quot;Unspecified&quot; kind to a string, use the same kind as the connection, if available.</li>
    <li>Add overload of the SQLiteDataReader.GetValues method that returns a NameValueCollection.</li>
    <li>Add static ToUnixEpoch method to the SQLiteConvert class to convert a DateTime value to the number of whole seconds since the Unix epoch.</li>
    <li>In the implicit conversion operators (to IntPtr) for both the SQLiteConnectionHandle and SQLiteStatementHandle classes, return IntPtr.Zero if the instance being converted is null.</li>
    <li>Write warning message to the active trace listeners (for the Debug build configuration only) if a column type or type name cannot be mapped properly. See [4bbf851fa5].</li>
    <li>When tracing SQL statements to be prepared, bypass the internal length limit of the sqlite3_log function by using the SQLiteLog class directly instead. Also, detect null and/or empty strings and emit a special message in that case.</li>
    <li>For the setup, the Visual Studio task should only be initially checked if the GAC task is available and vice-versa.</li>
    <li>Improve compatibility with custom command processors by using __ECHO instead of _ECHO in batch tools.</li>
    <li>Add OpenAndReturn method to the SQLiteConnection class to open a connection and return it.</li>
    <li>Add missing CheckDisposed calls to the SQLiteConnection class.</li>
    <li>Add missing throw statement to the SQLiteConnection class.</li>
    <li>Make sure the interop project uses /fp:precise for Windows CE.</li>
    <li>Regenerate package load key to support loading the designer package into Visual Studio 2008 without having the matching SDK installed.</li>
    <li>Modify transaction object disposal so that it can never cause an exception to be thrown.</li>
    <b> - January 28, 2012</b>
    <li>Use the WoW64 registry keys when installing the VS designer components on 64-bit Windows. Fix for [d8491abd0b].</li>
    <li>Correct resource name used by the LINQ assembly to locate several key string resources. Fix for [fbebb30da9].</li>
    <b> - January 27, 2012</b>
    <li>Updated to [|SQLite 3.7.10]
    <li>Redesign the VS designer support installer and integrate it into the setup packages.</li>
    <li>When emitting SQL for foreign keys in the VS designer, be sure to take all returned schema rows into account. Remainder of fix for [b226147b37].</li>
    <li>Add Flags connection string property to control extra behavioral flags for the connection.</li>
    <li>Refactor all IDisposable implementations to conform to best practices, potentially eliminating leaks in certain circumstances.</li>
    <li>Even more enhancements to the build and test automation.</li>
    <li>Support parameter binding to more primitive types, including unsigned integer types.</li>
    <li>Recognize the TIMESTAMP column data type as the DateTime type. Fix for [bb4b04d457].</li>
    <li>Prevent logging superfluous messages having to do with library initialization checking. Fix for [3fc172d1be].</li>
    <li>Support the DateTimeKind and BaseSchemaName connection string properties in the SQLiteConnectionStringBuilder class. Fix for [f3ec1e0066].</li>
    <li>Overloads of the SQLiteConvert.ToDateTime and SQLiteConvert.ToJulianDay methods that do not require an instance should be static. Partial fix for [4bbf851fa5].&nbsp;<b>** Potentially Incompatible Change **</b></li>
    <b> - November 28, 2011</b>
    <li>Updated to [|SQLite 3.7.9]
    <li>More enhancements to the build and test automation.</li>
    <li>Plug native memory leak when closing a database connection containing a statement that cannot be finalized for some reason.</li>
    <li>The SQLite3 class should always attempt to dispose the contained SQLiteConnectionHandle, even when called via the finalizer.</li>
    <li>When compiled with DEBUG defined, emit diagnostic information related to resource cleanup to any TraceListener objects that may be registered.</li>
    <li>Stop characterizing all log messages as errors. From now on, if the errorCode is zero, the message will not be considered an error.</li>
    <li>Never attempt to configure the native logging interface if the SQLite core library has already been initialized for the process. Fix for [2ce0870fad].</li>
    <li>Allow the SQLiteLog class to be used for logging messages without having an open connection.</li>
    <li>Support building the core System.Data.SQLite assemblies using the .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile. Fix for [566f1ad1e4].</li>
    <li>When generating the schema based on the contents of a SQLiteDataReader, skip flagging columns as unique if the data reader is holding the result of some kind of multi-table construct (e.g. a cross join) because we must allow duplicate values in that case. Fix for [7e3fa93744].</li>
    <li>When returning schema information that may be used by the .NET Framework to construct dynamic SQL, use a fake schema name (instead of null) so that the table names will be properly qualified with the catalog name (i.e. the attached database name). Partial fix for [343d392b51].</li>
    <li>Add SQLiteSourceId property to the SQLiteConnection class to return the SQLite source identifier.</li>
    <li>Add MemoryUsed and MemoryHighwater properties to the SQLiteConnection class to help determine the memory usage of SQLite.</li>
    <li>Add DateTimeKind connection string property to control the DateTimeKind of parsed DateTime values. Partial fix for [343d392b51].&nbsp;<b>** Potentially Incompatible Change **</b></li>
    <li>Improve the robustness of the SQLiteLog class when it will be initialized and unloaded multiple times.</li>
    <li>Fix the name of the interop assembly for Windows CE. Add unit tests to prevent this type of issue from happening again. Fix for [737ca4ff74].</li>
    <li>Formally support the SQL type name BOOLEAN in addition to BOOL. Fix for [544dba0a2f].</li>
    <li>Make sure the SQLiteConvert.TypeNameToDbType method is thread-safe. Fix for [84718e79fa].</li>
    <b> - October 4, 2011</b>
    <li>Prevent the domain unload event handler in SQLiteLog from being registered multiple times. Fix for [0d5b1ef362].</li>
    <li>Stop allowing non-default application domains to initialize the SQLiteLog class. Fix for [ac47dd230a].</li>
    <b> - October 3, 2011</b>
    <li>Updated to [|SQLite 3.7.8]
    <li>More enhancements to the build system.</li>
    <li>Add official <a href="">NuGet</a> packages for x86 and x64.</li>
    <li>Add Changes and LastInsertRowId properties to the connection class.</li>
    <li>Support more formats when converting data from/to the DateTime type.</li>
    <li>Make all the assembly versioning attributes consistent.</li>
    <li>Add unit testing infrastructure using <a href="">Eagle</a>.</li>
    <li>Integrate all legacy unit tests, including the &quot;testlinq&quot; project, into the new test suite.</li>
    <li>Add projects to build the interop assembly statically linked to the Visual C++ runtime. Fix for [53f0c5cbf6].</li>
    <li>Add SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2 compile-time option to the interop assembly. Fix for [74807fbf27].</li>
    <li>Fix mutex issues exposed when running the test suite with the debug version of SQLite.</li>
    <li>Fix transaction enlistment when repeated attempts are made to enlist in the same transaction. Fix for [ccfa69fc32].</li>
    <li>Support the SQLITE_FCNTL_WIN32_AV_RETRY file control to mitigate the impact of file sharing violations caused by external processes.</li>
    <li>Refactor the logging interface to be thread-safe and self-initializing.</li>
    <li>Shutdown the SQLite native interface when the AppDomain is being unloaded. Fix for [b4a7ddc83f].</li>
    <li>Support Skip operation for LINQ using OFFSET. Fix for [8b7d179c3c].</li>
    <li>Support EndsWith operation for LINQ using SUBSTR. Fix for [59edc1018b].</li>
    <li>Support all SQLite journal modes. Fix for [448d663d11].</li>
    <li>Do not throw exceptions when disposing SQLiteDataReader. Fix for [e1b2e0f769].</li>
    <li>The REAL type should be mapped to System.Double. Fix for [2c630bffa7] and [b0a5990f48].</li>
    <li>Minor optimization to GetParamValueBytes(). Fix for [201128cc88].</li>
    <li>Support the ON UPDATE, ON DELETE, and MATCH clause information when generating schema metadata for foreign keys. Partial fix for [b226147b37]. VS designer changes are not yet tested.</li>
    <li>Fix incorrect resource name for SR.resx in the mixed-mode assembly.</li>
    <li>Reduce the number of String.Compare() calls in the hot path for SQLiteCommand.ExecuteReader().</li>
    <b> - July 4, 2011</b>
    <li>Updated to [|SQLite]
    <li>Fix incorrect hard-coded .NET Framework version information SQLiteFactory_Linq.cs that was causing IServiceProvider.GetService to fail when running against the .NET Framework 3.5.</li>
    <li>Fix all XML documentation warnings.</li>
    <li>Restore support for the mixed-mode assembly (i.e. the one that can be registered in the Global Assembly Cache).</li>
    <li>Restore support for the Compact Framework.</li>
    <li>Remove unused &quot;using&quot; statements from the System.Data.SQLite and System.Data.SQLite.Linq projects.</li>
    <li>Remove hard-coded System.Data.SQLite.Linq version from SQLiteFactory_Linq.cs</li>
    <li>Modify the setup to support bundled packages (i.e. with the mixed-mode assembly) and standard packages (i.e. with the managed assembly separate from the native interop library).</li>
    <li>Disable the ability to register with the Global Assembly Cache in the standard setup package (i.e. it is available in the bundled setup only).</li>
    <li>Remove PATH modification from the setup.</li>
    <li>Modify the naming scheme for the source, setup, and binary packages to allow for the necessary variants.</li>
    <li>In the build automation, attempt to automatically detect if Visual Studio 2008 and/or 2010 are installed and support building binaries for both at once, when available.</li>
    <li>Add release automation to build the source, setup, and binary packages in all supported build variants.</li>
    <li>Add the testlinq project to the new build system and make it work properly with Visual Studio 2008 and 2010.</li>
    <b> - June 2, 2011</b>
    <li>Updated to [|SQLite]
    <li>Minor optimization to GetBytes(). Fix for [8c1650482e].</li>
    <li>Update various assembly information settings.</li>
    <li>Correct System.Data.SQLite.Linq version and resource information. Fix for [6489c5a396] and [133daf50d6].</li>
    <li>Moved log handler from SQLiteConnection object to SQLiteFactory object to prevent if from being prematurely GCed.</li>
    <li>We should block x64 installs on x86 and we should install native only if the setup package itself is native. Fix for [e058ce156e].</li>
    <b> - May 1, 2011</b>
    <li>Add the correct directory to the path. Fix for [50515a0c8e].</li>
    <b> - April 27, 2011</b>
        Updated to SQLite 3.7.6+ [ | &#91;1bd1484cd7&#93;]</a>
        to get additional Windows error logging.
    <li>Updated setup to optionally add install directory to PATH if GAC option selected.</li>
    <b> - April 12, 2011</b>
    <li>Code merge with [ | SQLite 3.7.6]</li>
    <li>New VS2008 and VS2010 solution files</li>
    <li>Build and packaging automation</li>
    <li>New Inno Setup files</li>
    <li>Designer support currently not ready for release</li>
    <b> - February 2011</b>
    <li>Code merge with [ | SQLite 3.7.5]</li>
    <li>Continuing work on supporting Visual Studio 2010</li>
    <b> - January 3, 2011</b>
    <li>Code merge with [ | SQLite 3.7.4]</li>
    <li>Continuing work on supporting Visual Studio 2010</li>