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Artifact cbdb70f5fc04485af0d09ef7484faa7f8b3047bb:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 * System.Data.SQLite.dll.config -
 * WARNING: This XML configuration file is intended for use within the NuGet
 *          package directories only.  Please do not copy this file to any of
 *          the build output directories because it could interfere with the
 *          native library pre-loading feature.
 * Written by Joe Mistachkin.
 * Released to the public domain, use at your own risk!
    <add key="PreLoadSQLite_BaseDirectory"
         value="%PreLoadSQLite_AssemblyDirectory%\..\..\build\%PreLoadSQLite_TargetFramework%" />

  <dllmap dll="SQLite.Interop" target="SQLite.Interop.dll" />