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 * ADO.NET 2.0 Data Provider for SQLite Version 3.X
 * Written by Robert Simpson (
 * Released to the public domain, use at your own risk!

namespace SQLite.Designer
  using System;
  using Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell;
  using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
  using System.ComponentModel.Design;
  using Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop;

  /// <summary>
  /// Ideally we'd be a package provider, but the VS Express Editions don't support us, so this class
  /// exists so that in the future we can perhaps work with the Express Editions.
  /// </summary>
  internal sealed class SQLitePackage : Package
    public SQLitePackage()

    protected override void Initialize()
      IServiceContainer sc = (IServiceContainer)this;
      sc.AddService(typeof(SQLiteProviderObjectFactory), new ServiceCreatorCallback(CreateService), true);

      ToolboxInitialized += new EventHandler(SQLitePackage_ToolboxInitialized);
      ToolboxUpgraded += new EventHandler(SQLitePackage_ToolboxUpgraded);

    void SQLitePackage_ToolboxUpgraded(object sender, EventArgs e)
      IVsToolbox vstbx = GetService(typeof(SVsToolbox)) as IVsToolbox;


      SQLitePackage_ToolboxInitialized(sender, e);

    void SQLitePackage_ToolboxInitialized(object sender, EventArgs e)
      ParseToolboxResource(new System.IO.StringReader(VSPackage.ToolboxItems), null);

    private object CreateService(IServiceContainer container, Type serviceType)
      if (serviceType == typeof(SQLiteProviderObjectFactory))
        return new SQLiteProviderObjectFactory();

      return null;